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This is the area we cover; to the North is the Midlands Branch, and to our East is the East Anglia and South East Branch. The labels show the approximate locations of our activities this year.

weswmap 2016


Who we are

Meet our 2016 Committee

Denise Steer

Denise Steer, Chairman and Welsh Co-ordinator.  Brynmawr, Gwent.  tel: 01495 310944 e-mail: denise.steer@sky.com
Denise is fairly new to Beardies; she likes their character, and loves long-haired dogs.    She runs her own dog-grooming business (www.pawfessionaltouch.org.uk), specialising in rare breeds and dogs with behavioural problems or who have had bad experiences.

Jan Lemon 2Jan Lemon, Secretary.  Bridport, Dorset.  Tel: 01308 488323.  e-mail: secretary@weswbeardies.org.
Jan is owned by 2 Beardies (3 if you include husband John); she loves the temperament and sociability of the breed.


Penelope RoquesPenelope Roques, Treasurer.  Lyme Regis, Dorset.  Tel: 01297 445488.  e-mail: frontotemp@aol.com
Penelope has been around Beardies for many years.  Having run a national charity for some time, she feels she can bring her skills to help run our Branch

Ron McCawley Ron McCawley  Fowey, Cornwall.  Tel: 01726 832468. e-mail: beardie@brimblebec.me.uk
“Brimblebec”  Ron has been showing in the  breed ring and competing in obedience, agility and working trials since 1980.  He is a Bearded Collie Club working test assessor, and his main interest is in training and enjoying Beardies and the fun they provide. 

Mel Carter 3Mel Carter, Branch Stall.  Winscombe, Somerset.  Tel: 07801 711920. e-mail: mel@karmeliann.co.uk   Web site: www.karmeliann.co.uk
Mel has owned and shown Beardies since 2002, and currently has four (two of each).  She can often be found on the end of a microphone at Branch events, and is available as a resource for anyone looking for grooming or general advice.  She looks forward to meeting more members at future events.

John Lemon
John Lemon, Web site and Gossip
.  Bridport, Dorset.  tel: 01308 488323.
John and his wife Jan own (are owned by?) two female Beardies, both about 12 years old.  He understands what it’s like to be in a minority!

Val Corgan 2Val Corgan, Training and Testing.  Bridport, Dorset.  tel: 01308 459358 e-mail: valcorgan@talktalk.net
Val found her first Beardie 23 years ago.  She has always enjoyed working her dogs at agility and obedience and has recently started training for working trials. Both her current dogs have their Gold Good Citizen awards, and the older dog has passed her Senior Working Test.

Una CornthwaiteUna Cornthwaite.  Cullompton, Devon.  Tel: 01884 35525
“Braddabrook”.  Una has owned and bred Beardies for over 40 years, and has been active in the BCC for many of them.  She also shares her home with a few Cavaliers


 Lynne WalkerLynne Walker, Catering.  Cullompton, Devon.  tel: 01884 32687.  e-mail: walkerbout@hotmail.com
Lynne has two dogs Wilfred (6 & Neville (4), replacements for her two previous beardies Albert & Sidney, who were the models for the drawing used in the clubs circulars.


Lesley MorganLesley Morgan, Catering  Blaenavon, Gwent. tel: 01495 790857. e-mail:  lesleycyril251@btinternet.com


Dennis EldridgeDennis Eldridge, Photographer.  Brynmawr, Gwent.  Tel: 01495 310944.  e-mail: dennis.eldridge@yahoo.co.uk.
Dennis has had Beardies for around 20 years, and introduced partner Denise to them.  He has always been a photographer, with wildlife and people his favourites, and covers local shows for the local press.