Fun Training and Tests

At most of our events, we run either the Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests or the Bearded Collie Working Tests, and sometimes both.

2 ft 5 hurdle copy captionedIn the words of Suzanne Moorhouse, “Bearded Collies have long been working sheep and cattle and, thank goodness, quite a lot of them still do work solely for their living.” This beautiful versatile breed has proved that it can qualify as Mountain Search and Rescue dogs and as guide dogs for the blind, but you do not have to be a dedicated obedience trainer to compete in the Bearded Collie Working Tests.  Basic control at the first two levels and a temperament test is really all that is needed.  If you can teach your dog a “stay”, a “retrieve” and to jump a hurdle with a “wait” on the other side, then you are well towards your Intermediate level.  Check out the BCC web site for details of all four levels.

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests are also aimed at encouraging you to pass at three levels and own a dog you would be proud of in the community.  There are basic common sense things to be prepared with, though.  Firstly, a poo bag; secondly the right information on the dog’s tag; and thirdly some grooming tools and a sound collar and lead.  The information on the tag has – BY LAW – to be: your surname, first line and post code of your address – and a telephone number is optional but recommended.  Why not help prove that our Beardies still have brains as well as beauty and try a test at the next event?  Check out the KC web site for details.

You may also be interested in Rally Obedience, which is aimed at pet dog owners who want to train – and possibly compete with – their dogs, but in something a little less formal than Competition Obedience.  Dog and handler navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform, such as Sit Down Sit, Straight figure 8, Send over Jump, and so on.  See the KC web site for details of all three levels.